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General conditions of use of the online information service of

Notice to Users: Please read carefully the following terms and conditions as well as the Privacy Policy which together constitute the Agreement governing the use by you (the User or You) of the website of Dobiza (currently located in, the Dobiza Website and Dobiza Services made available on it.

Parts of the Dobiza Website are freely accessible and by accessing these parts you agree to the terms of the relevant sections of this Agreement. Other Dobiza Services are only accessible after registration and can not be available to all users. By subscribing to the restricted areas of the Dobiza Website and / or using these Dobiza Services, you agree to the terms of the sections of this Agreement that apply to those Dobiza Services.


Dobiza attaches great importance to the protection of personal data. The clause on the protection of personal data in section 7 ("Protection of personal data") explains the measures we take to ensure that information about you remains confidential and protected, please read this statement carefully.


1. Dobiza Services

1.1 This Agreement covers the following services provided by Dobiza (hereinafter, the " Dobiza Services "):

(a) The Online Information Service (the Information Service is a business information service. It is managed exclusively by Dobiza, it includes the communication of data and information on companies and also includes other related information and services. The Dobiza Information Service includes information about the products and / or services of others and may allow access to information and services provided by third parties (Content provided by third parties).


(b) Service " Publish Opportunity " of Dobiza (& ldquo; Add an opportunity & rdquo;) allows the user to invite suppliers listed on the Website Dobiza to bid for tenders and is available in the " Opportunities & rsquo; business " from the Dobiza Website. The Registered User may publish price or service requests and search for potential suppliers for his business using the search tools.


(c) The Dobizapublic Procurement Service conducts research among the offers published by Dobiza and from the African press review and is available in the section "Business Opportunities " from the Dobiza Website. The Dobiza Public Procurement Service also allows its Users to create personalized alerts that will automatically trigger alert messages when new offers that meet the User's search criteria are published.


(d) " The " Dobiza is a ranking tool that allows the User to produce customized lists of companies from a selection of multi-criteria data. The User can also view company records and export / download the information collected.
      The User may also designate Secondary Users "  collaborators  " who may consult these workbooks and other resources of the account.

1.2 Dobiza reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue Dobiza Services (or any part thereof) from time to time. This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the Dobiza Services and supersedes all or part of the prior promises, representations, understandings, representations and understandings that existed or could have existed between Dobiza and the User. . Dobiza may amend this Agreement upon notice on the Dobiza Website.




2. Use of Dobiza Services


2.1 The User agrees not to copy (otherwise than during the viewing process), market, resell, distribute, retransmit, publish, practice automatic requests or downloads or commercially exploit in any form whether it is any Dobiza Data or third-party provided content obtained by or in connection with the Dobiza Services for a purpose other than those related to the internal activity of its business.


2.2 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, and without limitation, Dobiza Data or third-party content may not be used as part or all of a product or service or be provided to a third party in any manner it can compete with the business or products of Dobiza or its partners.


2.3 It is strictly forbidden to exploit Dobiza's data for the purpose of "spamming" - for example (and without limitation) the User must not exploit the Dobiza Data or the Dobiza Services for send unsolicited messages for commercial purposes or offer for sale goods or services. In particular, the User agrees not to use the Service & ldquo; Publish Opportunity & rdquo; Dobiza to market its products and / or services (or those of a third party). Dobiza Services must not be used to send e-mails to e-mail addresses other than those listed on the Dobiza Website


2.4 The user agrees to use the Service " Publish Opportunity " Dobiza only to send quotations legitimized by the purchasing needs of his own company. The User is solely responsible for the content of legitimate quotation requests appearing in the Service " Publish Opportunity ".

2.5 It is not permitted to attach more than two links or more than five files to email attachments issued by the "Post an Opportunity" Service User " sure These files can not exceed a unit size of 1 Megabytes, and will be admitted in formats: doc, xls, pdf, fig, jpg, or any other file format previously accepted by Dobiza after receiving a specific request sent by email.


2.6 The User agrees to respond in the best possible time to the responses received to all communications made via the Dobiza Services.

    2.7 Except where legally permitted, the User shall not decompile, disassemble, change or modify, in whole or in part, any software that is accessible through or related to Dobiza Services. >       
       3. Permit

      Dobiza grants to the User a personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable license (the License) allowing him to view and use the Dobiza Services and Dobiza Data for internal purposes only under the terms and conditions of this Agreement . The User may not transfer, encode, sublicense, or otherwise transfer the rights granted to him under this Agreement, and in particular, the User shall not allow anyone (except to its duly authorized employees when the User is a legal person or a commercial association) to use or consult the Dobiza Data without having obtained the prior written authorization of Dobiza or the Dobiza Franchisees / Partners concerned. Any inquiries regarding any multi-use or collective use should be addressed to Dobiza or the appropriate Dobiza Franchisees / Partners.

4. Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights


4.1 The User acknowledges that Dobiza Data is a rich set of information and that copyrights, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights relating to or in connection with Dobiza Services and Dobiza Data are will remain the property of Dobiza or its Partners, as the case may be, or, in the case of content provided by third parties thereof. The User must not modify or remove any copyright symbols or other identifications or information concerning the title or ownership of any of the Dobiza Data.


4.2 Dobiza and the Dobiza logo are registered trademarks and must not be reproduced under any circumstances.


4.3 Except where legally permitted, the User shall not decompile, disassemble, change or modify, in whole or in part, any software that is accessible through or related to the Dobiza Services. />

5. Responsibility

5.1 The User acknowledges that he must use his skills and judgment when using the Dobiza Services, and that he uses the Dobiza Services at his own risk. The user is responsible for the use he makes of the information obtained from or by the Dobiza Services (including without limitation any offers submitted or obtained through the Dobiza Services). By this Agreement, the User agrees to indemnify Dobiza for any loss, damage or liability whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly from the User's use of the Dobiza Data.


5.2 According to this Agreement, the User acknowledges that Dobiza can not be held liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use made by the User of the Dobiza Data or Dobiza Services including, but not limited to, offers or any other information provided as part of the Dobiza Services, any legal claim or claim made by any supplier to whom tenders have been addressed [...]


5.3 The User acknowledges that Dobiza has no control over the contents of the offers made public via the Dobiza Public Tenders Service, as a result of which Dobiza accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy, the reliability, usefulness or any inaccuracy of the Dobiza Public Tenders Service and any offers or other information made available by this service.


5.4 The User acknowledges that Dobiza Services may not identify relevant offers or suppliers or identify irrelevant offers or suppliers. The User acknowledges exercising his own critical sense and exercising judgment to evaluate the results of Dobiza Services and Dobiza accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any internal or external costs (including, without limitation, any external consultation and any internal management costs) incurred as a result of the use of incorrect or irrelevant offers or the use of any other information obtained through the Dobiza Services. In addition, the User can not hold Dobiza liable for the loss of business opportunity or any other potential loss resulting from Dobiza's failure to identify relevant offers or suppliers.


5.5 The User acknowledges that Dobiza has no control over the content of emails sent via the Service " Publish Opportunity " Dobiza, their attachments or any responses to them, as a result of which Dobiza excludes any liability as to these. The User also acknowledges that Dobiza and the Service & Publish opportunity Dobiza only facilitate commercial activities between the User and the suppliers and that Dobiza will have no contractual implication in any transactions between the User and any supplier. Consequently, the terms and conditions of any offer and any dispute between the User and any supplier is the sole and entire responsibility of the User.


5.6 Dobizas' data are collected by means of questionnaires, handwritten notes and detailed interviews with the companies included in the Dobiza Data. The Dobiza Data is largely provided to Dobiza by third parties. The accuracy and completeness of the information collected depends on the cooperation of the companies listed. Although Dobiza undertakes to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information is as accurate as is commercially possible, Dobiza accepts no responsibility for the freshness, usefulness or inaccuracy of the Data. of Dobiza. The Dobiza Service is delivered as is without any warranty, provision or condition whatsoever, including (without limitation) the warranties, conditions or conditions regarding satisfactory quality, commercial value, suitability for the intended use or conformity with any description or, regarding the general quality of the Dobiza Service, Dobiza Data or content provided by third parties, whether such warranties, terms or conditions are explicit, implicit, statutory or otherwise, they are expressly excluded from this Agreement and to the fullest extent permitted by law.

5.7 Dobiza Services are made available in the state without any guarantee, provision or condition whatsoever, including (without limitation) the warranties, conditions or conditions regarding satisfactory quality, commercial value, suitability for the intended use or compliance with any description or, regarding the general quality of the Dobiza Services, Dobiza Data, content provided by third parties or any other information obtained by using the Dobiza Services, whether such warranties, terms or conditions are explicit, implicit statutory or otherwise, they are expressly excluded from this Agreement to the fullest extent permitted by law.


5.8 Due to the interactive nature of the services and the Internet in general, Dobiza gives no guarantee or commitment that the use of the Dobiza Services will be uninterrupted or error-free, and Dobiza will have no liability or obligation arising out of or resulting from any failure, delay, or failure to communicate or network, whether temporary or not, when using Dobiza Services.


5.9 No guarantee is given as to the absence of viruses or bugs in emails sent or received via Dobiza Services. The User is responsible for ensuring the absence of bugs or viruses attached to these emails and will be solely responsible for any damage or loss of data caused to any computer system of a provider to which such emails would have been sent.


5.10 Clicking on certain links installed on this site may lead the User to other sites and Dobiza has no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the accuracy or content of the information provided by these sites or any other aspect of these.


5.11 Dobiza shall under no circumstances be liable to the User for any claims made as a result of indirect or consequential losses or damages (including loss of profits, data, contracts, receipts or customer), whether or not caused by negligence with respect to the Dobiza Data or other information provided or obtained in connection with the Dobiza Services (including, without limitation, the results of a contract notice). Dobiza shall not be liable and shall not otherwise be considered a breach of this Agreement by reason of non-performance (or delay in performance) of its obligations under this Agreement as a result of circumstances reasonably beyond his control.


5.12 Dobiza's possible liability for the services provided will in any case be limited to the reimbursement of the amount collected for these services (as indicated below).


6. Operating Rights and Security


6.1 If the User wishes to have access to certain parts of the Dobiza Services that are not freely available to all users (Pay Services), he is obliged to pay to Dobiza the non-refundable exploitation rights for the subscription or purchase of packs according to the terms and prices that Dobiza specifies.

6.2 Users will have the opportunity in the future to pay for their purchases online.

    6.3 When accessing the Paying Services, the User must comply with any additional terms and conditions of use of the service that Dobiza reserves the right to change from time to time.


6.4 The User must protect the Paying Services and any Dobiza Data obtained by them against access by any unauthorized third party, he must follow all the instructions regarding the security of the Paying Services issued by Dobiza. By accessing any Paying Services or any Dobiza Services requiring registration, the User must use the password, the identification (ID) or the name of the user given by Dobiza allowing access to the Paying Services. The User acknowledges that he is responsible for the use of any of these security measures and guarantees that he will keep the password, identification or username or any other means or device confidential. and will not disclose it to anyone else.


7. Protection of personal data

7.1 The information we collect
The only personal information we collect from you is the information you provide when you register or when you contact us for information or for purchases of Dobiza pay services. If you are only browsing this site, it is not necessary to share personal information, such as your name, contact information or other information. Upon request, we will always send you a copy of any personal information we hold about you, subject to the fees we are entitled to under the law protecting the data. You may, at any time, update and modify your personal information online by using the "Member Area" section of this site.


The personal information contained in the Dobiza database can be updated and modified by the person concerned.


7.2 For what purposes do we use information about our users?
      We gather information about our users to inform them of new offers, products and services that may be of interest to them and to enable us to improve and personalize the services offered through our website. We must also process your personal data for the purposes of our accounting, billing process and administration system.


We may store certain personal information and use it to offer you personalized services, information and offers through the intermediary of our services. If you have previously agreed, you can of course ask us at any time to stop providing these services.


Your personal data may also be processed by some of our subcontractors to provide the services provided in this contract.

    7.3 Transmitting information about you
      We may share the information that you have provided us with as part of aggregated, not individual, metrics for potential advertising customers, for example, number of users, typical ages, locations.


We may be required to disclose information about you if you do not comply with this Agreement. We may also disclose or access your account if we are required to do so by law or by any government agency.

7.4 Security
      We attach a great deal of importance to protecting the information we hold about you. However, it is impossible to fully guarantee the security of all data transmissions over the Internet. As a result, while we strive to protect your personal information, we can not guarantee or certify the security of the information you transmit to us while it is being transferred, so you send it to your own information. risks.


7.5 The Dobiza platform does not use Cookies for the moment, apart from your geolocation data.


7.6 Transfer abroad of your information
      The information you provide to us, either through this website or through other sites will be transferred to other countries by us or our agents only for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations to you.


7.7 Automated Decisions
      Some of the Dobiza Website and our billing process are automatic and we may process your personal information as part of our billing process.


For more information about the Protection of Personal Data or how we use the personal information we have about you, please contact us.


8. Use of transmitted elements: rules of conduct


8.1 With the exception of personal information protected by the CNIL in France, any information you transmit or place on the Dobiza website will be considered as non-confidential and not proprietary. will be released from any obligation towards them. Dobiza and its partners will be free to copy, publish, distribute, incorporate and otherwise use such information and materials such as images, data, sound, text and other content for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.     

8.2 You are strictly prohibited from placing or transmitting on the Dobiza website any item:


(a) For which you have not previously received all the necessary authorizations and / or agreements


(b) Who constitutes or encourages a criminal act punishable by law, or who is in contravention of the law or who violates the rights of a third party under the jurisdiction that governs that agreement and any jurisdiction of another country.


(c) Who is technically harmful (including computer viruses, trojans, worms, destructive components, distorted data, or other destructive software or data)


8.3 You are prohibited from using Dobiza's website for any purpose (including breaking the website's security, sending unsolicited or prohibited advertising, promotional offers, nasty letters, chain letters, etc.). offers relating to pyramid assemblies, or any other form of solicitation).


8.4 Dobiza will provide all co-operation to the Forces of the Order or to requests from Justice who request or order him and his partners to reveal the identity of or locate any perpetrator of an act that contravenes this agree.

 9. Data


It is up to the User to make sure that by accessing the Dobiza data it respects the national laws of any country (For example, in Germany, access to personal data can only be done if the User has a legitimate motive for doing so and that it can prove it, in particular, there may be certain regulations regarding the use of Dobiza data for direct marketing to the attention of natural persons or companies - for example some countries have lists of natural persons or companies that can not be contacted by telephone or fax for marketing operations that they would not have requested.)

10. Equipment

The User is solely and solely responsible for procuring, operating and maintaining all computer equipment, software, modems and telecommunications links that he needs to access the Dobiza Service.




11. Termination


Dobiza reserves the right to terminate the Dobiza Services (all or part of them) without cause and at any time.


Without prejudice to any other right or remedy, Dobiza may at any time terminate the Dobiza Services (all or part of them) or terminate this Agreement immediately if the User is materially any of its obligations under the Agreement or, if the User is subject to bankruptcy, bankruptcy or bankruptcy, voluntarily enters into an arrangement with its creditors, becomes insolvent or is in receivership. In no event shall Dobiza be liable to reimburse, in full or in part, any exploitation rights (if any) in the event of an interruption of the Dobiza Service or the termination of this Agreement. In the event of termination of this Agreement, the User must immediately destroy all copies of the Dobiza data acquired through the use of the Dobiza Services and immediately cease the use of the Dobiza Services. Although the user is allowed to continue to use the information (including offers) acquired through Dobiza's AOP service or public offer service prior to the stop.


12. General


12.1 All communication relating to this Agreement must be made in writing and delivered by hand, or by postage prepaid, by e-mail or fax to the relevant party at the address given by Dobiza on this site. or at the address given by the User when registering.


12.2 The titles of the chapters in this Agreement are for all purposes and should not affect the interpretation of this Agreement.


12.3 Neither party shall be liable for any delay in fulfilling its obligations if such delay is due to circumstances beyond its control.


12.4 Each party hereby confirms, in relation to the Dobiza Services, that it is not related to any promises, representations, agreements, statements and commitments other than those defined in this Agreement and shall not be held liable for those same commitments unless they were fraudulently committed.


13. Privacy


13.1 The User will treat confidentially and secretly all information concerning the Dobiza Services, as well as the method designed by Dobiza to compile and organize the Dobiza Data. The User must not disclose this information to any third party, except to the extent that it is required to do so by law or in the case of public information.


13.2 This clause shall continue to have full effect after the termination of this Agreement.